During 2020 I plan to lose weight.

I am beginning with the electronic weights. As I do not have a cell phone or other small device, one might ask: What kind of “weight” could you have? Well, I have websites which have been neglected far too long. I will attempt to simplify each of them and make having them more pleasurable so I will no longer neglect them.

I also have no less than 4 social media accounts. I’m not a great fan of these, though they do help me stay in contact with people who would otherwise be lost to me. They also communicate to a wider audience those things that need that kind of communication. I think that I will shed one or two of those accounts. Yes, that will be a good start.

Other weights I will try lose this year are the impediments that limit my happiness. As I figure those out, I will list them and work on them.

Yes, freedom from too much weight will feel good and help me be a better friend and helper to all in my little world!



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