A visit to my Alma-mater recently brought back a rush of memories: some of the long hours of cramming for tests, but most were of experiencing the differences that make college so unique and worthwhile.

During my junior year I spent most of my time at the University engaging in conversations with people from the USA and all over the world. So many people from such different upbringings than my own! Differences in cultures, religions, economic backgrounds, but we all shared one commonality: open hearts and minds to understanding the differences and how they affect or little worlds and played in to the larger world too. We would often chat into the wee hours, depriving us of sleep but satiating the spirit and igniting the imagination.

In my senior year I remember holding pot-lucks often, along with my housemates,

where people would bring a dish from their favorite country or culture. The food sparked conversation when the mind was at a deficit, and everyone lingered for hours. What a great place to make connections and bonds with such diverse people!

Very soon now it will be my eldest child's turn for the despair and delights of University life. I hope the experience will be as life-changing for her as it was for me and that she can pursue her passion while expanding her horizons to be ever-welcoming and inclusive of people and their differences.



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