New Ends

It is the end of the school year and my kids are reminding me of the folly we practice as a culture when we are tired of what we have been doing. The cliche title would be New Beginnings, but let's take a look back: Instead of starting something new all the time, why don't we simply end things well, or differently, or tidily? If we are to live in the moment, then we are never to skip something as important as an end!

I remember my eldest daughter at the tender age of 9 looking forward to being in the "double digits", as people would call it. She was often looking forward to something or enjoying the time she was in, but rarely do I remember her thinking about what she was about to finish up. As if what was past or what was old deserved nothing better than to be discarded, and in the most rapid fashion as she could muster.

Really I think we are all wired this way and supported in it by our culture here, but let's consider what the enrichment of endings, or making the very end count, can do for us.

First, it takes out the wasted time. How many of us think back on an end of something and cannot remember it?

Next, it can become a sweet wrap-up to what had preceded it and hold an important marker in our memory. Wouldn't it be nice to have definitive beginnings and endings to our life's memories?

Lastly, it can set the stage for what comes next; it can move us from ending well to that new beginning with a fresh and positive attitude, knowing that our life experiences can be challenging, but each part of it is important and is worth experiencing fully. What could be better than living our lives completely?

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