That was what my website dashboard said when I logged in today. I clicked on Blog and in parenthesis it stated "OLD". It is shameful when an inanimate device tells you you're old!

It was referring to my lack of use lately.

That has been an issue. Many things have kept me from blogging over the past month. I apologize to any that may read this.

Now, I'm BAAACK!

Today is Earth Day. Every day is for me, but this is the official one for everyone, so I want to wish everyone a happy one with clean air and pure water and no plastic clogging the waters or littering the land.

Yeah, I WANT TO, but the truth is, that's not a reality. Air is cleaner, so kudos to the EPA on that. More streams, rivers and lakes are no longer at dangerous toxin levels and the fish are replenished. That's a great start.

Now we need to work on attitudes towards our fast-paced lifestyle which push the single-use products on us from every aspect of living.

For Earth Day how about you start a new trend in your life? Maybe just slow down and think. Think before you go shopping; before you go on vacation; before making any large purchases; even before getting a coffee or tea at your favorite cafe.

Think: "What could I do differently this time that would not require at least one disposable product?"

Will you find a permanent shopping bag and take it with you? How about booking a room at a hotel that is eco-friendly? Consider purchasing used or the most eco-friendly version of what you want that you can afford? Will you bring your own washable plate and fork to the church potluck? Maybe you bring your own mug to the cafe for refills (ask if you can have your beverage in-flight poured into your mug!). Perhaps you don't get a straw in your fountain drink (or splurge on a new metal one).

Whatever the change is, see if you can carry it through for an entire month. A year? Or a lifetime! Each Earth Day you can add a new one to your routine as a celebration of the Earth standing terra firma beneath you!

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