Reduce to Joy: Intro

Popular American Culture has taught us:

  1. Whoever has the most toys in the end wins.

  2. Do what you must to look like (this).

  3. Money buys happiness.

  4. If its old, worn out, ugly or unwanted, throw it out.

I’m sure there are others you could come up with depending on your upbringing and interpretation of popular culture, but these stand out for me.

Growing up in a place that had very little land, I was recycling from toddling on. Being the younger sister, I knew reusing in hand-me-downs and home-sewn. Living where weather was usually beautiful and everything had to be shipped in, I knew walking and public transport. Excess was not part of my childhood.

When I became an adult and earned my own money I bought into the culture of excess, collecting a mass of rarely useful items and pretty dust-collectors.

In between then and now, I have been around the world, experienced posh vacations eating plates of Italian seafood, to living in a mud hut wondering if there would even be a meal that day. Now I sit somewhere in between, having to earn a living, but not having to worry about if a next meal is coming. It’s a comfortable place. But comfortable is not terribly satisfying. Well, at least not for long. It is this lesson that I want to imbue upon you.

Join me over the month of March to explore this line of thought in some depth.

#enjoyinglife #earthfriendly


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