Practicing Peace

When we practice being kind to people and the earth, we find more kindness and a gentle peace within. Socrates was all about being kind and doing right for one’s own soul. I have to agree. When I am good, kind, or doing the right thing just because that is the right thing to do, my soul is at peace. I am calm and have clarity in purpose. I believe this would be the same for anyone who gives it a try. The more areas of life it is applied to, the more peace and clarity.

Connecting is a step that comes with putting the other attitudes into practice.

If you think about it, we are connected already. That is a difficult concept for many. Let me use an analogy to make it a little easier:

If we think of the earth and all that inhabit it, human or non-human, like an extremely large and intricate spider’s web, we can begin to make the connections. One small vibration on one part of that web will vibrate every part of the web. The vibrations are felt in different degrees. Close to the disturbance the vibration is incredibly evident, but farther away the vibration is diminished. Though some people may feel it and others not, one cannot deny its occurrence.

When we practice the attitudes, we become more sensitive and would be more likely to ‘feel’ our connection to any disturbance. Along the same line, as we stay conscious of what we are doing in the world close at hand we will notice connections to places and people farther away. When we feel connected to others, we tend be kinder, and the whole process becomes an easier cycle to perpetuate.

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