Blood-Moon Song

Tonight, the blood-moon sang that old tune of life and love and sorrow.

My soul heard the familiar chords

and I wept for my children’s tomorrow.

I’ve heard it in the air from the Pacific trade-wind breeze;

A bitter-sweet lullaby

as a child aloft in the leaves

It visited again on top of the world in thin mountain air singing love.

I recognized the tune one snowy June

while gazing upon clouds from above.

Before the sun set, hanging large and low, on a hot desert horizon

Dust swirls dancing to the every-heart rhythm

this tune bent my ear to listen.

It sang me my life and the songs of all others, and that of wild mother earth

Dashing my dreams then giving me hope,

the lyrics asking for birth:

To care, once again, for family and friend and consider the world’s current plight.

Be the good steward of land and sea

then lay down our arms and not fight.

Think first of others and consequences of each word and deed.

Before setting out to serve ourselves

think of everyone’s needs.

The red blood-moon hums me a tune of life and love and sorrow.

The chords are familiar to my ear and soul

a song which all humans borrow.

#lunareclipse #bloodmoon #love


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