How Dance Began (part 2)

But our friends did not heed her warning. They found themselves down in the valley as Dark arrived with the chill of Cold in tow for the night.

Without Sun, they could not see to climb back up the cliffs to their homes.

Without Sun, they would not have warmth through the night.

Without Sun, the world around them became a thousand shades of deep blue and grey; the realm of Dark.

Oh, how these friends moaned in grief for disregarding the pattern of their lives! They moaned and howled together for a while in their grief. By and by, they began to shiver from Cold. In time, Cold gave them such chills that they could no longer moan or howl, but their world was changing and the wind had picked up their tune, howling and moaning through the canyon.

Our friends were terribly chilled and they had not invited Sun with tinder and spark to keep them warm. Their shivers shook them so hard that they each stood to work out the chills that were gripping them. With each shiver our friends would jump and stomp on the ground. Sometimes the shiver would rattle through their arms and they would thrust them out to flick away Cold from their finger tips and back to Dark’s night.

When they had been possessed like this for some time, they discovered that the shivers were gone and Cold was kept at bay. Their moans and howls were restored to them, though the winds were not dispossessed of this new feature.

In all of their

movement, these friends had discovered that they had found the warmth of sun within themselves; enough to make it through the night. So, as they always loved to do, they made a game up: One would stomp and the other repeat, and the other jump while the first would repeat that. Through the night they played this game adding twirls and shakes, kicking out their legs and arms in a wild display and singing of their gratitude and joy. All the while they were forming a new pattern with their feet and bodies and voices.

When Sun returned the next day, all the people came out from their cliffs and saw these two friends jumping, shaking and stomping around on the valley floor below and heard a rhythmic, humming tune rise through the air. The people stared in wonder, then descended to inquire about what the friends were doing. Our friends were glowing with the joy of dance and having made it past Dark to be kissed again by Sun.

So as the people arrived to find out what the friends were doing, they were caught up in the game and learned this new pattern discovered through the nighttime, finding great joy.

Then the valley floor thundered with the Dance for Sun’s kiss.

Dance has been passed down from generation to generation in all peoples of the earth and the earth has opened her arms to people dwelling wherever they desired as long as they could make a new pattern in the cloth of life.

Even you may have a dance inside waiting to change your world.

Janine Clark-Barry (c) 2017

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