Depression. Seriously.

I know many people who become depressed seasonally or who struggle with it on a regular basis, and I have had bouts of depression myself. Through this blog I want a conversation to open about depression which will take the sting and stigma out of the word. People should be able to say "I am depressed right now" just as easily as people say "I've got a cold right now".

While researching depression, I was able to make some vital connections with what happens during the holiday season and people becoming depressed. There are many good resources readily available on the subject and I will be quoting from a page on, which explains causes quite well for the lay person. Here is the list:

9 Most Common Causes of Depression:

Genetics and Biology (If your parents have it, there's a good chance you will too)

Brain Chemistry Imbalance (A short supply of certain neurotransmitters)

Female Sex Hormones (Women- at 2x rate of men-are prone during hormone flux)

Circadian Rhythm Disturbance (Those in cold climates suffer from lack of light)

Poor Nutrition (Low omega-3 or high sugar intake plays havoc with the brain)

Physical Health Problems (Thyroid issues play a significant role)

Drugs (Many prescriptions are linked and alcohol intensifies it)

Stressful Life Events (Cortisol during times of stress mess with neurotransmitters)

Grief and Loss (When grief over a loss doesn't subside, you may be depressed)
Well, that's a lot to take in! Instead of launching into it right now, I will continue this in another blog. In the mean time, try to get sunlight everyday, eat your fish and avoid too many sugary treats. It will go a long way in helping you live happier!




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