ruler of the world

While on a stroll the other evening, my daughter asked me straight: Mom, if you were ruler of the world, what do you think you would do?

I thought a bit, then thought some more, when it hit me in the face: I'd require each human on earth to stop and think before they act. Perhaps the practice would help them see what exactly is their place. After a year I would further decree a reactionary day each month; for every human a day of thoughtless reactions for all mankind to re-taste.

I believe the underlying spirit of life simply wants love and acceptance. In some cases this underlies a thickness of many layers which have been built over time and culture, yet it is there if we look deeply. By slowing down a bit and giving thought to what we are about to do or plan to do, we could ask ourselves what repercussions, good and bad, this action will have beyond ourselves. Then we would also have the time to answer the question, and ask ourselves if that is what we really want. If we can say yes, then do it without regrets! If not, can we come up with a more equitable alternative that we like? Just something to think about on this day after elections.

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