The last couple of weeks have been digitally frustrating. I have had great difficulty getting online with my laptop. The battery has also suddenly died. This has made it challenging to keep up with my blog. I am quite content to piddle along in my little unplugged world but for the lack of communication.

I am on one social media site and that covers the daily communications with friends and family. People like to post updates a lot. I struggle to do this, but I'm happy to see the lives of others progressing. I especially find it fascinating when someone is traveling and posts pictures of where they are and what they are experiencing.

People are appalled to hear that I do not have a cell phone. I don't see much point to it since I would have it off while working or visiting or driving. I would likely lose it if I did have it. I do see some value in a portable phone, however nothing that I cannot work around. After all, I've gotten along and functioned quite well without one up to now. It is others who are frustrated with my lack, not me.

Letting people know my business is something I struggle with too, since I am very private and the amount of sharing going on seems to me to be TMI status more often than not. But there is value in knowing someone has just experienced a loss or a joy or a struggle. It does help in determining how and when to communicate with them further.

I guess I am trying to establish my take on this digital world which I am stuck with. I don't think I'll be getting a cell phone anytime soon, but I do think I like being connected.


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