An Apology

Written November 12, 2016:

To the trees which will be tromped and uprooted for the sake of new businesses

To the aquifers which will be tainted by increased fracking in pursuit of black gold

To the parks and preserves which will be disturbed and die for the sake of energy independence

To the animals of the wild which will no longer have stewardship but by the guns of ranchers

To the sky which will witness the rape of the natural world below for the sake of fleeting wealth

To the rivers which will carry the load of pollution again

To the oceans which will swallow our trash and collect it in the vortices

To the people who care but find no ear of power to listen

To my grandchildren who will know the land’s beauty and diversity from textbooks alone,

yet will have to clean up our mess

To my heart, broken and shattered, for all the coming loss

#apieceofme #American #nature


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