I have herds of words and rhymes and rhythms pounding in my head.

I think they'll keep pounding over and over until I've been struck dead.

The last week and a half has been mayhem. The pictures can only give you an indication. If you could hear the racket of decibels marching through the house as things dry out you would understand how difficult it has been to come to my laptop and type any words at all! "This too shall pass" is the anchor to which I have clung.

From the almost finished bath as you see right and left, to the pictures below at 4AM the morning of the pipe burst, to the effects of moisture buckling the floor and the need for professionals to come in and clean up. We are deep into the fourth day of massive dehumidifying and drying which is not only loud but also hot.

#lifeunfolding #truestory


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