Summer’s Alarm Clock

When the weather warms, I prefer to wake up when Nature bids me. I know it is terribly early when she calls, but I don’t mind! It is an all-inclusive call, even though I am of the species that destroys her beyond repair. She sends her messengers to awaken my spirit first through the screen of my open window. The Robin’s song blends with the sparrow and chickadee, intermittently. As they sing the sun over the horizon, others join in; Blue Jay, Crow, Cardinals, Wrens, Grackles and Starlings lend their voices until the songs blend to a cacophony at my window.

I can’t imagine a world without these sounds. Rachel Carson asks us to in the first chapter of Silent Spring. When I read an article about the pesticide death of a dozen or so Bald Eagles the other day, I was reminded of Ms. Carson’s book. Of all the lessons we as humans learn about our dealings with nature, I thought we had gotten this one. Have a gander at the article and book for yourself and see if you find it disturbing too.

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