A really good read

Neil Shubin: Your Inner Fish, Epilog page 265.

Let me share with you some profound words:

“The real story is that Apollo 8 is a symbol for the power of science to explain and make our universe knowable. People can quibble over the extent to which the space program was about science or politics, but the central fact remains as clear today as it was in 1968: Apollo 8 was a product of the essential optimism that fuels the best science. It exemplifies how the unknown should not be a source of suspicion, fear, or retreat to superstition, but motivation to continue asking questions and seeking answers.”

I read this book after struggling to finish the book about evo-devo by Sean Carroll (I admit that I did not). This book could be taken in smaller bites; chapter size. And it was necessary to read them in order, save for the first chapter or two, instead I could be enticed by the title of a chapter and read it. This scientist-author wrote for the lay person and added his humor and life experiences to tell the story of… us. I read the epilog after the first couple of chapters and his words motivated me to read the rest like I would eat a honey-cake warm and dripping with milk – with anticipation and savoring every crumb!

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