It is official: Monarch Waystation #19673 is in place. Now someone needs to notify the Monarchs! It will be a while before they take much notice of things here, but maybe next year we'll support a few families. We named it Monarch Touch-Down Zone. Does anyone else out there have one of these going on? It was easy to do, unless you count tearing out all of the trees and weeds that used to stand here. My mother would tell me that those violets all over the ground are weeds, but I like them! Most of what I planted are natives to my area, but I had to include some of my tame exotics that have been passed down to me and moved from one home to the next. the purpose of this garden tailored for the Monarch butterflies is to help their survival over the long migration they take twice each year. Find more information at and while you're there look up my waystation. Maybe you can tell me how to get on the big map.

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