Shameful, horrible neglect! Though I am guilty as charged, it was for good reason: Bathroom re-do.

Yes, all of my time has been eaten up by a house project gone long. In my dreams it was going to take three days and much less funding. Now that we are towards the end, it has been three weeks and twice the cost of what I expected. In the end though, we will have a beautiful and functional full bathroom. The subway tile that you see is everywhere, so instead of taking it off all the walls I decided to work with it. That has taken the most time: Cleaning each tile before replacing it back to where it had been removed.

The bane of our project! However, the shower is completely tiled, so I will grout it today, let it dry, throw up a shower curtain and we'll be able to use that part. We'll all be happy to have a second shower back in the house!

So please be patient with me, I have not forgotten my writing passion here, I have merely put a cork in it until this project is completed. By then I may blow the cork off with all the creative ideas I have been suppressing!

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