Special Day

Because a man who was born in Missouri became president, I had the opportunity to hike with a group of people I don’t normally get to see apart from work. It was as close to a perfect day as possible: Great weather; great friends; spring flora and fauna at every turn of the head!

We walked along the trails at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, binoculars hanging at the ready, bird id books in hand, and a child’s sense of curiosity and wonder sparkling in our eyes. The trails were lovely, though some people left trash,

and flowers were blooming all around for everyone to enjoy, though there was evidence of a more selfish gratification.

There were birds and lizards and snakes out enjoying the same areas we were enjoying. The sun cast soft shadows and highlighted colors that pressed joy upon the soul. The symphony presented by bird, amphibian and insect voices thrilled the attending audience. Enjoy the photos.

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