Frugal confession #45

When we all gather at church we often have coffee and snacks together. People like to use disposable polystyrene cups for the beverages; what is hot stays hot and what is cold stays cold, and the price is wonderfully cheap, right?

Well, I have pulled out my soap box on this one many times before. What is cheap up front is costing dearly in the long run. This stuff is not recyclable and never breaks down into something biologically manageable it is so far removed in its chemical properties from anything natural. Yes you've all heard it, yet there it remains next to the coffee pots in-use today and every after-service gathering. It drives me absolutely crazy! Besides my fully informing the entire congregation of the massive detrimental effect It has on the environment (including starving the fish people like to catch, and leaching it's chemicals into the food chain), we have cupboards full of matching coffee mugs that only require washing after use. So this time at the coffee machines I saw the Styrofoam again, but there were also mugs out which at least gives people the choice. Then I saw the person in charge of serving putting away the mugs in favor of the cups. Well, I knew she had heard me tell of the evils of Styrofoam in the past, and she had also said she didn't want to get stuck washing the mugs.

Both valid arguments to be sure. So I waited awhile until she had gone and I got out some mugs again and placed them next to the cups. When she returned she saw the mugs and began picking them up to remove them again. When I got back to the coffee area I noted that instead of removing them entirely she simply moved them from easy view and they were now behind a couple of stacks of cups. As I chatted with folks who'd not gotten a beverage yet I included a "choose a mug for Earth Day", which resulted in a half-half mix. So now let me say it to all: Choose a mug for Earth Day! Better yet, carry your own with you so you will always have the choice!

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