"Be" Attitudes, part 1

One of the things I do is gather monthly with a few others (All are welcome to attend) to figure out some DIY ways to replace the toxic chemicals we use to clean with. What you'll find below is the outline I used in the beginning for the why I am so involved in this. Happy reading!

The BE attitudes of Greener Living:

  1. Be conscious.

  2. Be frugal.

  3. Be kind.

  4. Be connected.

We can all do something to live cleaner and greener. It isn’t difficult. What I want to impart is that it is a change in attitude and those kinds of changes take practice.

Being conscious is the first step and most crucial. What we need to bring to our awareness is how our everyday choices impact other people, near and far. They also impact the earth which means they will impact people for generations to come.

Frugality is a word I learned as a kid from my grandma. Being frugal is simple: it just requires us using less.

  • Use less water, there is a finite supply.

  • Use less chemicals, it will lessen our footprint on this earth and preserve health now and into the future.

  • Use less resources, it will help maintain the balance for a healthy environment.

My experience has been that if we reintroduce the word “ENOUGH” into our vocabulary, and ask ourselves with each possible use, “Do I need this?”, we will reduce our usage of everything.

When we reduce our use, we end up the winners:

  • Our disposable income rises

  • We brighten our own disposition

  • With new hope others will brighten

  • Our environment benefits (and repays us in less air pollution, higher water quality and more beauty)

  • The cultural impact compounds our own positive impacts

I think that's enough for one blog. I'll give you the rest in another.


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