Frugal confession #44

As Earth Day approaches I have been feeling better about how I am living in many ways. I am also trying to figure out how to speed up the process of ridding myself of all my past indiscretions that still line my shelves. For example, this last week I made some more liquid laundry detergent from ingredients that are more natural and less harmful to my world. That's good as I see it. But what do I now do with the laundry detergent that I still have on my shelves? Use it? Give it to someone else to use? There is so much baggage that goes with both of those solutions! Besides, I'd like to save the containers to put my homemade stuff in. I will feel guilty using it myself, but yet more guilty telling someone else to use it against my better judgement.

This is my quandary now. I could have it worse, but it is still something I have to ponder over to solve satisfactorily.

[image from wellness mama]

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