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Thoughts after an evening with David L Harrison

I won I won. I won! I won! I won!

The last time I won a drawing I was 15,

(I am NOT 15 anymore!), but tonight I won the drawing for my choice of books from a favorite author.

So fun. So fun! He's so very fun.

My daughter came with me to hear him speak,

(she looked for someone younger), but she was delighted by his wit and wisdom… and she won too!

I did win and in so many ways:

It was delightful to listen to his stories and readings (and to read with him too!). He had some good advice and I saw some good friends there as well. I had purchased one of his newest releases, A Place To Start a Family, as a gift for a new mother-to-be, so when I won, it was this book I chose for my very own. Of course all the books I had in hand were signed by the author and I even got to meet his wife, Sandra, often lovingly referred to as M.O.W. in his blog (look it up).

What a superb evening for this nature-nerdy book worm!

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