WOW! That was easy! (frugal confession #42)

Once again, I have prevented myself from improving my life and habitat for years by working an idea up into a knot of trepidation instead of facing my challenge. This happens time and again, though less often as I gain experience in 'doing' instead of overthinking. I made liquid laundry detergent a few days ago. Why did I wait so long?

You see, I have a workshop that I present periodically called Greener Living. Interested people come together and we learn about ways in which our impact on this earth can be less damaging. Towards the end of each workshop I pose the question: Would we like to gather again? If so, the question to follow is: What would we like to try making next time? Often there are no ideas forthcoming, so I have suggestions ready. I try to suggest things I would like to try myself. If we are in agreement, I give it a whirl at home first so I can work out kinks that might arise. That's why I tried the liquid laundry detergent. Now I can distribute some to friends and we'll all try it out on our clothes and compare notes. It really was easy. I was so pleased with the results that I went out and purchased a few items I had been hesitating to buy that will be dedicated to my DIY efforts hereafter. Now I just knock myself in the head when hesitation even suggests its presence with a project. What can I lose but a little time, effort and a very few dollars? What can I gain? A new world of confidence and frugality. Easy choice for this frugal frau! Won't you join me?

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