soda bread holiday

One common tradition for our family at the ides of March is to make a meal of corned beef, roasted root vegetables, something green and make Irish soda bread. With the changing taste pallets of my family the one thing everyone will still eat is the Irish soda bread. This year I decided to coin the name of the holiday "soda bread".

Yes, I am in part Irish, along with a few other ethnicities thrown in like most Americans. I like having the Irish in me, it comes in as a handy excuse for some of the things I like to do or consume. Irish soda bread is one. Having a Guinness stout is another. Put the two together and, well, its a good meal! Makes me want to watch some BBC on the Tele, or play rugby. Best part of it is that my daughter does the bread, so I don't even have to lift a finger for it. What a great holiday! Cheers!

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