The lady in the house shoes with spikey hair keeps the food and drinks full. She is quiet and diligent in her duties: Bring out more water. Mix the salad. Add more cookies. Open another sour cream and salsa. Pour out more chips. Take away the empty pan and put out a fresh pan of pasta.

Never still for a moment longer than it takes to finish her task, she even keeps a neutral look on her face; one that won’t offend and refrains from engaging the individual in a crowd. She responds when engaged by others, to be sure, and always with a smile, but she just never stops - constant motion. Sometimes it is just her eyes surveying what needs attention next, but always, something is moving. One might even be able to see gears turning in her head with a bit of imagination.

Moving and serving. It seems to be her nature. She doesn’t give a thought to the lack of cognizance of her service by the crowd. I think she prefers her invisibility. Without feeling offended and putting emotions aside, she maintains the flow of sustenance pragmatically and consistently for the people in her care.

I notice her. I engage her to learn her name and thank her. I want her to know how beautiful her service is to us. It matters.

And life continues…

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