Dear Mom,

How often I think of you and smile. It is my mind's pleasure to find you in so many corners and dreams. Somehow, the teenager who could be so selfish was still absorbing your care and love through all of the ugly words, hurt feelings and difficult times.

You are who I think of when I deal with my own children. Even though I have raised my crew in a different manner, the best of you comes through. I spend time with them on projects, I have instilled in them a sense of frugality and concern for the environment. My kids have never known the frivolity of throwing away something just because they are done with it; they deposit their discards in the most appropriate fashion: recycle, reuse, compost or thrift store.

Because you were always there when I needed you, even when I was scared to death to ask, my kids know to always tell me, even their worst, and I will help them deal with it without judging them.

I'm sure you didn't realize when you came this round for a very short visit that I was feeling sad thinking I would miss seeing you. So it was to my utter delight to find that you had stayed, waiting to see me too. Perhaps a small gesture, but one that carried a world of joy to me!

I hope you travel well on your pathway home and will revisit time and again with a basket of joy and goodwill to deposit on my hearth.

With all of my love,


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