driving me batty 4

After over a month's hiatus, another bat appeared this morning in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this bat met it's demise in a sticky trap. I checked its toes for nail polish and found none, but over this amount of time there is no telling if it was the same bat as before. Nail polish does wear off. I did not photograph this little fellow in its doomed status, I thought that disrespectful to life.

There is something disturbing about the unnatural end to any life and I am bothered by each that I see. I know it is part of my everyday, and the natural cycle doesn't affect me as much, but when I am the cause, I am disturbed. Yes, I put the trap on the floor, which was intended for the capture of mice and brown recluses, neither of which have found their way in there. Had either of those been the victim, I would not have felt as guilty as I do today, for the reduction and elimination of those two animals from my family's living quarters is an act of healthy survival. I guess I will need to make a trip into our attic this spring to see what abides with us there and see what can be done about relocating them.

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