Greener Living 2.0

Our second workshop was a success with three items to take home and try. Always an experiment in progress, our first DIY was liquid hand soap, which I had made once already at home to see how difficult it was: EASY! One thing I had not done well was shaking it up, so when I tried pouring the gelled substance into jars...GLOP! An entire blob slid from the larger container out over my hand and jar, depositing itself onto the floor. OOPS. Its soap, so clean up was easy, but I hated wasting it. Oh well, I did learn a valuable lesson: SHAKE WELL.

The pH balanced shampoo I had made ahead from

coconut milk and aloe, so I just distributed frozen cubes of that in snack bags.

What everyone made together was the powder laundry soap. It was super easy,

unless you consider grating a soap bar difficult.

At any rate, everyone was pleased with the results and simplicity. Not rocket science and all fear dissipates when you can do it together.

I hope others will join us for Greener Living 3.0 when we attempt liquid laundry detergent. Until then, live green and clean.

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