Goo Foffing

The title is not mistyped. This phrase was coined by a favorite local author of mine, David L Harrison. He has a blog on WordPress through which he invites people to respond and publishes those responses. He also responds to most responses.

He types something every single day, something that I have yet to accomplish. He does, however, take breaks when he goes out to spend quality family time somewhere. These are the times he lets us know he will not type daily by writing that it is an official goo foffoing time. Blame him or praise him, but I love the phrase.

I do not know how he gets people to respond. I have tried here, but to no avail. Perhaps it is the wrong format. Perhaps I am so bland that I lose folks with each blog post. (I do try to keep politics and religion at bay.) Perhaps I invoke such deep thinking that all who read here are struck silent. (Well, I don't think so either. Just looking at possibilities.)

So, today I challenge any who read this to respond. You don't have to say much at all, or you can write me a long essay, but just respond. If I get responses, you see, I will have the opportunity to figure out the mechanics of publishing those and promoting conversations.

I love conversations! Don't you?

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