Frustration in "E" minor

No, I cannot read music. The "E" I am referring to is the electronic world which frustrates me to no end. I know I must participate, and I give it my honest best, but the updates and power outages and reconfigurations that happen along with the new and improved versions and for safety's sake seem to be conspiring against me. I do not understand a lot of the online world and feel little desire to learn more than necessary, however, it seems that once I finally have something close to mastered it changes. The other problem is how, when the power goes out and I lose my connection, getting it back requires an act of God, or at least some sad eyes and a plead for my husband's help. So, despite having written a couple of blogs on my word processor over the last week, I am sending this out instead, while I have found a connection. I will post those as soon as the connection at home lets me because I have pictures I want to send with those and didn't bring them here with me. Minor, I know, but still!!!

Over and out.



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