New year and Resolute

An entire month of 2018 has passed. AN ENTIRE MONTH! So, before any more time slips passed me incognito, I'm going to tag it with bright colors and sounding bells.

I WILL rewrite my book.

I WILL finish two other books.

I WILL publish one book digitally.

I WILL give myself a break every month.

I Will spend more time with my loved ones.

I will organize my kitchen completely and to the nine.

I will stop there as I could make my life too difficult if I resolve anything else! But I WILL leave it open for reassessment later.

Carry on!

Two months have passed. I have done well I think:

I have given myself a break each month.

I have spent more time with my loved ones.

I have organized my kitchen, though 'to the nine' is debatable.

I have almost finished rewriting my book.

I think I'm done with two more books.

Reassessment: I will take opportunities when they present themselves.

I will branch out in my endeavors.

I will try to send a manuscript to at least 4 publishers.

Carry on!

Months three and four have whizzed right by!

I have been heavy in the spending time with loved ones department. No complaints there.

Giving myself a break still requires plenty of thought, but I have been working at it regularly and therefore feel much less frazzled and neglected.

I have looked more into writing and publishing as I try to decide which manuscripts to concentrate on and which publishers to send them to.

My kitchen is becoming more familiar and I keep fine tuning it to support my needs. I am a bit lost in its size after living 14 years with one that never required more than two steps from counter to sink to fridge to cook-stove. That is not a complaint, just something I still have to figure out.

So, one-third of the way into 2018, I feel pretty solid. That's a good feeling!

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