The end of the woes

Phew! It's over; DONE; FINISHED!! I finally got a car. As a matter of fact, I just returned from paying taxes and licensing it. Now he sits in the garage looking fit and content, always ready to go.

Yes, I did say he, for this one is definitely a he. My last car was too. His name was Ceicil. I don't yet have a name for my new car. This one is actually older than my last and has more miles, but for a Honda, he's in his prime. My mechanics were all over it, one in particular all but drooled over the shape its in.

I hope this is the beginning of another long relationship between myself and my car. The last one was a twelve year marriage. Maybe this one can last that long too, we'll just have to see. I know that I'm having fun with the 5-speed manual...takes me right back to my first car when I was 20.

Now that my stress has levelled out, maybe I can get back to more regular blogs! At any rate, here's a raised glass to getting back to normal...Cheers!

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