The woes of car shopping

As I continue the search for a new vehicle, my old one stares at me from the front yard where he's parked with shame. Yes, he, for most vehicles I have owned have taken on personality enough to warrant a name. This last one was Cecil. Doggedly loyal and dependable, he now sits with his tail tucked hoping not to offend me.

My favorite car was a 1969 Fairlane named Muriel. She was great, except she held to her name: Fixed Or Repaired Daily. That was ok though, because the engine and compartment were large and easy to maneuver in to work on. Those days are gone and the cars available since the 1990's have engines that are cockeyed and so tightly packed within the tiny compartment that special tools (including a computer analyzer) are required to get any work done on them. Or maybe I'm just old and tired. Either way, my knowledge is outdated and looking for a car is no longer fun.

All the cars look the same. Many have recalls and known issues for a certain year or engine type. No matter what, it will require a mechanic to service, so it is all a crapshoot for me. What I have to do is find something I won't be utterly disappointed with and will service more of my needs than not while not becoming a road hazard for others. And it must be at a cost I am willing to pay. Hmm, rather sounds like choosing a president these days.

So, off I go; another day of work and another evening of trial and error, research and test drives. In the end, I have to find something...don't I?



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