driving me batty 2

Feeling good that the bat is outside where it belongs and my family inside, where they belong, I slept well. I rose the next morning feeling good and walked to the kitchen to get coffee, as usual. I soon felt the call of nature and walked into the powder room to answer it. To my surprise I found a bat treading water in the bowl! Hadn't I just watched the bat fly out the back door the previous night? So was this the same bat, determined to cohabitate where the temperature was more comfortable, or another bat? Did two bats make it in with the Christmas tree, or do we have a family in our attic? How could I find this out without harming the bat(s)?

My questions were fleeting, for I simply wanted this bat to survive the mishap in my toilet bowl, so out it came even with its vehement protests, and into a dry towel. I wanted it to warm up and dry without escaping to another location in the house, but a bat is not a pet and I couldn't cuddle and towel dry it.

I decided then to heat up a small corn bag to place in a more secure container than the last and throw in rags and another soft towel for absorption. The bat dried and warmed up there and I took this one to a tangle of briars across the yard to release it. Out it flew from the container and I gave a sigh of relief. This was is certainly outside without the slightest opportunity to return inside my house. I walked back to the house with relief and delight in my sigh. Glad to have it back outside, but thrilled to have been a witness to some very interesting interactions with nature. I hoped that was the end to this saga.

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