driving me batty

This New Year we have played host to many, but the one who stands out in my mind is the one who nearly drove me batty.

Upon removing the ChristmasL​

Tree from the living room I had many needles to vacuum. When ever I approached the bookcase I kept hearing strange sounds and our cat was going berserk! On the floor, between the bookcase and wall, there was what looked like, well, a hamster in a frame. I immediately recognized it as a bat and ceased vacuuming. I though that it had perhaps come in with the Christmas tree from a far off area and had been eking out a life with whatever insects it could find there.

As it turns out, what I had was a big brown bat, a common inhabitant of our area, some even resting in attics of old homes during the day. We have an old home. Not as old as our last, but even so, it's considered old. After discussing it with a few naturalists, I protected myself adequately and went about catching it so I could take it outside and release it when the temperature was not so frigid. After all, it is supposed to be in hibernation. My box was not secure by bat standards and overnight it got out. It was not until the second night that I found it again with the cat's help.

It had found the warmth of the fireplace and decided that the space between the shield and stones was just right. A chase ensued and I was finally able to guide it out the back door.

Tune in next time for the rest of the story...

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