Frugal confession #40

The party's over. Cleanup is underway. Time for reflection.

Last year on this date I wrote a frugal confession about not using polystyrene cups but bringing my own mug instead. I live that, really I do, and I can say that after having a party with lots of hot drinks to stave off the temperatures below freezing, all were served in ceramic mugs. No guilt for anyone, especially not me. I did use disposable plates, paper of course, but many people used a saucer for their munchies instead. Choices. We all are given choices in every situation. Let's make good ones. Guilt-free choices; choices that positively impact our environment and our future. Let it be our rally cry: Positive choices for a positive future. Dump the junk and remember that we control only ourselves; attitude and choices are our impact in this life and on this world. Make them count to perpetuate joy, clean environment and responsibility. That may flow counter to the present current, but it is the only direction that can work in the long run. That is if we want a long run. I confess, I want a long run and, thus, will remain frugal.

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