One of the things I like about the holidays is the internal homing device we all seem to have to gather together. It is an expectation that we will make our greatest attempt to present ourselves to family and friends. We make up parties and meals as vehicles to bring all together in one place. I have done it myself this year...barely! I decided on an open house and got it in just under the wire...December 31. Now I have something to be excited about at my place!

Having guests over is one of my favorite things to do. It accomplishes so much for me: My house gets a thorough cleaning; I have to become organized; I get to think about each potential guest at length and decide what will please them most in food and feeling. Plus, I get to bask in the presence of people I adore or, at least, would like to include in my circle of adoration. In the past I have held many more gatherings throughout the year, but with children and moving, time has been pinched. Maybe this coming year I can resolve to gather people together more often. Then the whole year becomes a season of holidays, right?

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