planting joy

Another gift idea is to give what you have enjoyed.

I enjoy taking photographs and painting. I have many at my home; photos I have printed and random paintings that gave me joy to produce. I gathered them all into a basket last week and took the basket to a place full of people I love. I left the basket there with a note instructing them to choose their favorite from the lot as my gift. When I returned to retrieve the basket several days later, I felt my heart swell with a great delight and also ache just a bit. I had no idea what a gift doing this would be to me! My delight was that, when given the choice between my photos and my paintings, most wanted and took a painting. That is a little more personal and tells me that these people value my ability with a brush. The little ache came to me when I found that all these ‘babies’ of mine have left my home. I brushed that off with a smile, for don’t we all produce little ones or things to go out into the world and plant joy? If that is one’s measure for success, I am feeling very successful!

I do hope that, over time, it will be revealed to me just who took which and also why they chose that one. Even if that never comes to light, I am satisfied that my art is where it will be enjoyed for a long time to come.

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