Poetry Passion

This post is dedicated to my passion for poetry. I have written poems of many forms since I was a child. I love the flowery language that says so little in so many beautiful words. I love the haiku which nails down large concepts in so few words. I love the grit and rawness of poems which make me uncomfortable. I love the different perspectives people bring to their compositions. I love the rhythms and rhymes that pump my blood to happy, carnal places.

I know I used 'love' in every one of those sentences, but a truth cannot be lied. I don't know how it works for everyone else, but my mind writes poetry over every single day and experience. Nary a millionth of it is caught by my pen on paper. Though I have many poems and prose composed, most are just for me. It is the nourishment my mind and soul require to live in joy and free. My expression is an extension of my heart thinking aloud.

Poetry helps me appreciate the way I live, the people I encounter, the differences and similarities we all have and the realm of nature. The rhyming and cadence of poetry helps children who find reading difficult connect with literature. Writing poetry keeps my mind's connections alive and working. It helps me deal with the incongruities in my everyday.

How does poetry fit into your life?

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