Seven days of Thanks-Day 7

Finally, in this series, I want to share my gratitude for the spirit of love which guides my (almost) every step.

I grew up in a place and at a time when supervision of children was not paramount and e-stalkers had not yet become a reality. Due in part to this, I was raised without the overstretched arm of my parents protecting me at every turn. I was able to go to the ocean shore and watch the waves break, letting the rhythm become my heartbeat and the ebb and flow my existence. I felt the freedom that was mine, which kept my spirit soaring and my imagination ripe with new ideas.

From where I stood up on Koko Head mountain I could see the pacific expanse, and on one side Koko Kai bay, the other Hanauma Bay and all the swimsuit clad locals and tourists who nearly glowed under their wide brimmed hats. I had an excellent view of Diamond Head behind which the sun would descend in the evenings while the tradewinds carried sounds of palm fronds and she-oaks gently to my ears. These were the sights and sounds of my childhood. I mention them because life in Hawaii had a very different pace and a different focus. People wanted to preserve the beauty that was all around. They also appreciated differences and liked to try all things new. This adventurous mindset and acceptance of differences was called the Aloha Spirit back then. It is this spirit that has stuck with me all of these years and which guides me. Aloha is a Hawaiian word which means, among many other things, love. I cherished it and nurtured it and have been blessed with a reciprocating circle of family and friends. Because I feel loved, I want to make others feel loved too. With that in mind, I carry out my everyday activities.



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