Seven days of Thanks-Day 6

One cannot be grateful for their 'stuff' without giving thanks for the earth from which all is provided.

I am grateful for the earth's crust which is the place I know:

Dense green forests decorated with colorful creatures and plants;

oceans of green and blue, teaming with life in their depths;

vast, undulating silica landscapes hiding their swarms within the tans and browns;

bright and white of snow covered ground visited by very few.

All this and the places in between: Where water meets land, where frozen is melted, where life refreshes in a storm and where it ends between a predator's jaws, the earth supplies our potential for life, healing and joy. Each generation removes a little more than the last; each human pressing for their requirements until seven and a half billion lives demand from this earth their needs and some, their desires. Earth is left wounded and unable to recover without help under the increasing pressure.

I am grateful for living while I am still able to enjoy her beauty and bounty. For this earth I give thanks.




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