Seven days of Thanks-Day 5

This is a good time to share my gratitude for all the 'things' that I have. As you should be aware, I don't do NEW generally. At least not unless I'm pregnant, then I become insistent on a new car. So I do have a car that I have put all the miles on myself. It's pushing 200K now, but I am very grateful for every one of them!

Lately we have been through a few houses, the last one we owned having kept us well for 14 years. The kids had an almost magical childhood in outdoor freedoms, and having an entire hallway to color on the walls. Those drawings were difficult to cover up when we prepared the house for sale; difficult for my daughter to let go of! We do NOT have a coloring wall in our new house.

My family loves to eat meals together and I am grateful for the ability to do so, and for the food that stocks our house. We all know very well of the many people who cannot obtain a meal on a regular basis, so for food in my house and food in my mouth, I give thanks.

Though it may be a little vulgar, I am also grateful for the items we have that enhance our lives here, which without would make life more challenging. For example, I am grateful for my laptop which I use to write in.

I can access my laptop anytime of night or day, usually in the early morning hours and nearly as often after the family has gone to bed. We are also blessed to have more clothing than we can justify, items that serve as mere entertainment and a host of items like furniture and decorations that make us comfortable and happy.

For all the 'things' I have, I give thanks today!




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