Seven days of Thanks-Day 4

I am so very grateful for my education, both formal and non-formal, in helping me understand the workings of my world.

Having attended public school throughout my formative years in Hawaii, my perspective of the world was that of a little person on a little island looking out onto a great big world of differences. I learned the history of Hawaii more than that of the US or the rest of that big world, so one could say that my education was a bit skewed. Because I did not spend the

rest of my life in Hawaii though, that skewed perspective was a great base from which to notice many of the similarities among humans and cultures. It was also a great base from which to understand the less advantaged and those discriminated against for being different. After all, I was the minority where I grew up. That being as it was, when I found myself the oddity among an otherwise homogenous group of people, my discomfort was minimal. It developed a deep sense of comfort with myself.

I am also very pleased to have had the opportunity to study and obtain a degree in what I found most fascinating in the world: Trees. To this day I am a tree nerd, especially according to my children. I reference most landmarks by the trees that are growing nearby. I name the trees and plants I see in movies and TV shows.

Since the days of my formal education I have found humans just as fascinating.

I am always engaged in learning something new, finding that whatever I decide to try I will usually gain great insight about myself or the world through it, which is why I continue to engage.




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