Seven days of Thanks-Day 3

This time I want to thank all of those in my life who are or have been my friends. Here I also include family, for they have been my friend too. I cannot deny the influence that my sister has had in my life as a confidant, protector and example to me over the decades.

My past is blanketed with friends of all ages from a very diverse array of backgrounds. Some whom I have called friend have passed on, others are no longer a current part of my existence, but the influence they have had upon me has helped shape the 'who'

that I am, and this is what I am grateful for. I have had friends that lasted a mere day (to get me around in Brighton and see the sights), and I have a friend who has been in my life only a year less than I have lived. I feel overwhelmingly fortunate for all of them and the range of experiences I have had with each. When I think about my life up to this point I am awed at the multitude of humans who have touched my experience, and am filled with immense gratitude for all the love that has been lavished upon me. I look forward to the rest of my life under such conditions and hope that all people can feel and cared about as I.




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