Seven days of Thanks-Day 2

Today I want to make known how grateful I am for my husband and children. I could write forever about these amazing people in my life, but I'll try to keep it brief.

Our story began many miles ago in a land far, far away. That sounds like the start of a fairy tale, but truly it is our beginning on a different continent. That was what it took to finally meet my soul mate, the one who could understand me without explanation. The one who would stand by me through thick and thin. The one who would tell me when I was doing something wrong, but let me work though it myself, and love me anyway. This is the man who puts up with my oddities and inspirations, even when they make him wince and supports me however he can through them. Yes, I have so much to be grateful for about him!

Now, the children that came out of our union are such diverse and wonderful people! Who knew two sets of genes could produce such variety. I'll expound on their lively differences another time; this round is for gratitude.

My three children keep me centered. Each has their own way of telling me they love me, admire me and are pleased to have me as their mother. My eldest confronts me often with some bit of news she's heard regarding something I did in my past. It usually ends with: "Mom, that's so amazing, all the things you have done!"

If this isn't an ego booster then I don't know what is!

My son likes to be near me at every turn in the house, and every time I enter or leave, he is there demanding and offering a loving hug and telling me about his day. Our camaraderie is a comfort to me as I contemplate the exodus to come.

My second child, she is my critic. This role has never been played out by a more thoughtful and serene person than she. Her comments are always phrased to build me up and her delivery is done with a gentle love. She will also spontaneously do things she thinks I want done or she knows will be pleasing to me. She does not boast about them, usually waiting until I have noticed. Yes, her love and attention is quieter, but just as deep as the rest of my family's and I feel lucky to have them all!




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