Seven days of Thanks- Day 1

Today I will begin a series of posts dedicated to being grateful for what I have.

I would like to begin at the beginning. That is for coming into this world in the first place. I do thank my mother for that. And I thank Mom and Dad for raising me from the wee baby I was to the woman I have become.

Most people know that I was raised in Hawaii, which is very different from the place I have chosen to raise my children. Hawaii would have been great for them too, but it did not fit into our geographical plans as a family. However, where we live is not very far from the area in which Mom was raised.

My parents opened me to so many different cultures and experiences which would not have been present in my formative years otherwise. So I am grateful for where I was raised and by whom I was raised.

They also provided me with ample travelling opportunities to peak my curiosity about different places and how people existed there. History was something Dad was very keen on and whenever we did travel somewhere we were required to read up on the history of the place. I am grateful for that too, even though at the time I found it dull and tried to get out of it.

So my gratitude goes to Mom and Dad for all of their efforts to bring me up right. I hope you feel your worth in this lifetime endeavor. I certainly do!




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