sneaky time

Here it is happening again! Look at the calendar. What month does it say? Yes, November. And what day of November? That's right, midpoint. MIDPOINT! What happened to the year? I mean, I vaguely remember living elsewhere (a couple of places) when 2017 began, and now I feel like I have occupied my current space for ages. I'm also staring Thanksgiving in the face with no plan A let alone a plan B!

Then there is the whole blog thing I'm perplexed by: How have I come through another hundred published blogs? How will I commemorate that? Shall I do another philanthropic deed or host a party?

Yes, my 200th blog is sneaking around the corner and I have not given any thought as to how I should mark that milestone. I am excited to be marching right along Blog Avenue unimpeded as yet, and I love to celebrate all things noteworthy, so I need to find just the right revelry for this occasion. I certainly would welcome your suggestions. I have ten more blogs to publish before I'm there, so we have a little time, but if it sneaks along at this rate, I'd better pay attention or I'll get caught with my proverbial pants down! Send your suggestions to me via the contact me page if you would please. Perhaps we can figure something out that everyone can be involved in!




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