Fare thee well

This afternoon I will attend another service celebrating a life well lived and now over. This will be one of many people I called friend that I have said goodbye to in this way. For my age, this number may be higher than most, as my affinity for those 20+ years my senior has brought me to heartache much more quickly than the usual lot of friends. Nothing I can do about it, perhaps it’s because I just have an old soul. Perhaps I’m simply odd, but, though I lose my friends rather more quickly than if I’d stick with people my own age, I will say the time I do get with them is stuffed full of worthwhile memories and wisdom. People of advanced years do not waste the time they have left, they find every bit of meaning in it that they can. Nuggets of wisdom roll from their lips through remembrances, contemplations and direct communications. They have learned the value of giving your best to others and the world, whether that is your efforts in work, your love towards your loved ones, or even opening the last of your homemade jelly and butter crackers to snack on when a friend comes by to visit out of the blue.

These people have taught me one of the most important lessons I have learned in life through something other than experience: What people remember most distinctly is emotion, not details. Make the moments you spend with others charged with emotions of love and joy and appreciation, for this is the lasting impression you will leave them with. This is what they will remember about you.

This is what they will talk about at your service.

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