Frugal confession #39

My confession today stinks. That is, it is about stink and dealing with it, naturally. I cannot say that I have been completely successful here, but I'm getting there. The first hurdle to overcome is attitude.

Our societal-cultural attitude, to be precise, is that everything should smell like roses and that sweat is bad.

Let's clear the air on sweat first: Sweat is a good thing. It rids the body of toxins and cools the whole system down when we are overheating. Like cars have radiators, we have sweat. Sweat itself does not smell. No it doesn't. Argue all you want but it truly does not. What stinks when one sweats is what the sweat reacts with on your skin. The micro bacteria and dead skin cells and any dirt that has accumulated on your body are what bloom into the aroma one associates with sweat. Well the opinion of what to smell like is up in the air, however it seems the American culture agrees that smelling like, I dunno, a human is not acceptable. Now, I grew up with this and my nose has its sensitivities too, especially when it comes to body odor. I have also experienced the world beyond our US borders and can tell you that each nationality has a distinct odor. I believe it has to do with chemical balance and the food that is regularly consumed.

Some nations collectively have a distinct spicy smell while others are salty. I have been where the people smell somewhat sweet or fruity and other places where they are more along the lines of malodorous dairy.

Now, I realize that no matter what the collective scent is, without regular bathing, human smells go sour quickly. We also have deoderants and antiperspirants to help avoid this, but have you considered what that does to the body's overheating system? Anti-perspirant is merely some chemicals that physically block the pores that it is applied over to prevent the escape of sweat. Don't forget that the skin those chemical are smeared over is an organ too, and that it absorbs some of those chemicals.

I have been experimenting the last few weeks with some more natural methods of odor control. For the under-arm application, I have tried some natural oils mixed with diatomaceous earth and baking soda. This combination has worked for the odor control and I like that I can choose the scent I prefer with my essential oils. It has also made my under arm skin incredibly soft.

Sweat happens, but it doesn't have to put a damper on your freshness!

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