Frugal confession #38

Here is where frugality clashes with my health and possibly that of my grandchildren's.

Every year I get a medical physical done like millions of others.

My doctor is aware of my frugality and is supportive of that...normally, but this last doctor visit tested that and brought me a scolding.

You see, (here is my confession in frugality) I had ingested an older dosage of some medication that was leftover because I didn't want to throw it out and waste it or let it work its way into the public water system. This was evidently enough to throw off my system and the test results.


I called the doctor and left a message to this effect. He concurred and told me, without mincing words, to quit it and get rid of the old pills.

I did quit it, but now my problem is getting the pills disposed of so they don't go into a landfill to be leached out later and work their way into the water system, affecting other living creatures. I'm not sure how many others think of this, but I do. All the pharmaceuticals that are flushed or sent to the landfill do not get filtered out in any current systems in place. I try to wait for the times that the pharmacies are taking in everyone's old scripts, but I think it ought to be something that medical facilities which produce or hand out prescriptions should have to also take back and properly dispose of. It is one thing to fix someone's problem with medication. It is entirely another thing to ruin other peoples' health for the lack of proper handling and disposing of these medicines.

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